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PRIMAL GROUPS of rutting men, crowded together to seed a bottom's hole. It's a ritual, a passion, a need. The camaraderie of being in a gang of topmen shines through in every scene in MAX SOHL's newest and hottest pornvid yet: SPERM BANK

Yeah, the scenes are filled with big-dicked studs dripping hot spooge. And yeah, we got the hungry insatiable holes, bent over and begging for it. But the STAR of Max's new video is SEMEN, and lots of it. Gobs of it dripping out of jizz-filled holes. Men live for it, worship it, hunger for it. And in SPERM BANK you get scene after scene of begging, willing bottoms getting what they need from the studs they depend on.

You asked for more internal cumshots and Max came through BIGTIME - with some of the most breathtaking internal cumshots ever caught by a camera.

Featured as the HUMAN SPERM BANKS are PAT JACKSON, then "hole for every pole" T.I.M. Exclusive CHRISTIAN, followed by JOHNNY FARRELL, T.I.M. Exclusive JAY ROSS ( in his debut appearance ) and JARED MARSHALL.


Scene 1
Truck Stop
Scene Price: $9.00

SEX in the abandoned piers and in the back of meat trucks. It's an honored - but disappearing - NYC sexpig tradition. And this first scene, shot in the infamous Meat Packing district of Manhattan, is a rawfuck homage to that nearly-lost sleazy practice.

Handsome mandog PAT JACKSON brings new meaning to the term "service station" as he takes on pumpers MARK SERGEANT, KURT KAISER, MATT WALKER and JACE HAWK.

MARK SERGEANT advances from his first outing in DAWSON'S 50-LOAD WEEKEND PART 2 to take a star turn in this video that defines power fucking. KURT KAISER and SERGEANT trade-off ramming JACKSON's hungry hole. After a while, the bottom actually worries that they're ripping his butt up.

"Fuck! You're scaring me!"
"You're wearing my fuckin' hole out!"
[ The tops just grin. ]
"Tear him up, man!"

And PAT JACKSON proves he's a worthy SPERM BANK, as his eager ass takes every deposit o' jizz right out of all those big fucking cocks.

Scene 2
Scene Price: $9.00

"HEAD" puts together a primal cocksucker and two seriously-hung studs to give a fine lesson in the art of oral cum-depositing.

"I'm gonna cum, man."
"Shoot it in my mouth!"

GEORGE GLASS lovingly suckles on the super-pingas of ANTONIO MONTEZ and SEAN before being rewarded with ropes of thick white jizz. ANTONIO is having such a good time that he cums twice within seconds, and has SEAN begging GEORGE to use ANTONIO's cum on his cock to get him off !

Scene 3
Anatomy of a Gangbang
Scene Price: $9.00

CHRISTIAN has already proven himself to be a crowd-pleaser in every sense of the word. Not only do you T.I.M. men love him and beg to see more, but put this whore-boy in a room full of charged-up studs and it's a wonder to watch him go to work.

In this scene, the angelic slut takes on a raunchy gang of men who use and abuse him until the poor li'l bottom's ass is dripping hot cock-juice. The gangbang itself is solid white-hot action delivered by the likes of DANIEL BRADFORD, CORY BRANDON, JAVIER, KURT KAISER, CHRIS ROD and SEAN VICTOR.

But it's actually newcomer MARCELO MASKO who delivers the goods in one of the most voracious felching performances I've ever seen. This handsome charming young man dives in and gobbles and sucks the dickjuice fresh 'n' tasty straight from CHRISTIAN's pucker, pooched-out and gaping. If you have an appreciation for felching, you won't want to miss CHRISTIAN's hole releasing fresh spouts of seed from deep in his guts straight into MARCELO's impish grinning mouth.

Scene 4
Scene Price: $9.00

OK, you guys first saw JOHNNY FARRELL in PLANTIN' SEED 2 - and haven't stopped asking for more of him since. The most common thing I heard was, "Get this guy fucked by more 'n one dick!"

So we pulled in sexy Latin topguys DANO and SERGIO, added rawfuck daddy MARC SHORT (dubbed by one reviewer "the cumshot heard 'round the world") and then tossed versatile cum-hound PAT JACKSON into the mix.

We let 'em go and they happily pounded that perfect smooth youngman ass. The boy is left gasping and sated. But once these guys have taken turns dumping their jizz into JOHNNY's sweet chute, they all decided they liked it so much - they take another turn! Truly sloppy seconds.

Scene 5
Back To School
Scene Price: $9.00

We're thrilled as fuck to have scored legendary fuck-bottom JAY ROSS as a T.I.M. Exclusive. And you'll see why he's a perfect addition to our stable of cum-whores and top-studs when you watch this scene.

"That's gonna work. That's going to make me cum."
"Fucking sperm his ass. Yeah, milk it out."
"Cum in his ass! Yeah. Pump it in there."

Topman and T.I.M. Exclusive BRAD McGUIREis joined by horse-hung LIGEE, dirty blond stud CHRIS ROD and "king of the internal cumshots" MARK SERGEANT to give JAY an all-star hardcore ass-banging. And Jay works that hungry little ass of his, milking the dicks until they shoot deep inside his tight corn-hole. When these spent men leave the classroom, JAY ROSS is one completely used whore-bottom, oozing seed.

Scene 6
8 Ball, Center Pocket
Scene Price: $9.00

Pouty boyish newcomer bottom JARED MARSHALL came to T.I.M. and said he wanted to be royally gangfucked on video (writing to me in his first e-mail, "I never done this before"). And I'm a man who likes to give guys what they ask for, no matter how innocent or fresh they may be.

So Max Sohl threw the novice rawfuck bottom on a billiard table surrounded by some of the finest big dick top men - and I mean 8 BALL BIG: JAVIER, LIGEE, BRAD McGUIRE, CHRIS NEAL, RIPPEDSTUDX, WILL St. JOHN. I don't think JARED knew what hit him. One by one these studs took turns deep-fucking, rimming, fucking, rimming . . . finally shooting huge loads of cum all over JARED's hole, and using the loads as nature's finest lube.

The huge cocks - white cocks, black cocks, brown cocks - just keep coming and little newbie JARED starts to look overwhelmed. What the fuck did he get himself into here?

"Shoot it in him. Cum in his hole."
"Look at all that cum on his ass."
"You want more? You need more cum? Beg for it."
"Next . . ."

Is the kid whimpering or even crying a little at the end ? Whatever the case, one thing's for sure: this hole is broken-in and ready for general public abuse.

Storage Room (Available on DVD only)

"STORAGE ROOM" is an additional nugget of a Bonus Breeding Scene - featuring the Latino manmeat of DANO and SERGIO.

MAX SOHL has delivered another damn OUTSTANDING package in SPERM BANK. Nab a copy, round up the gang, and "make a deposit" of your own. You'll be mighty glad you did !

- Paul Morris

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: AVanG
    Just like the title of this movie...there is a lot of sperm in this movie.
  • Author: www.freegaypix.com
    This is one hot cast of barebacking guys.

    Truck Stop: Pat Jackson is the sperm bank in this scene as he’s fucked at a truck stop. Mark Sergeant, Matt Walker, Kurt Kaiser, and Jace Hawk use him at both ends. These guys take turns drilling Pat in the ass and mouth. Kurt chokes Pat with his big dick. He fucks Pat’s face causing him to gag.

    Read the entire review at http://www.freegaypix.com/reviews/review486.html
  • Author: Hisseth
    Mark Sergeant has a signature cum shot. His cock's main vein is so contoured and large, you witness each massive jet of cum being delivered, even though his is plant'n deep inside. Normally I like to see the first jet squirt out before they ram back inside. Mark's delivery system has me feeling what the bottom feels, fully supplying the visuals for my imagination. "cum artist" is how I describe the Aussie Stud.
  • Author: Kelvin Rivers
    Jay Ross is awesome in this flick
  • Author: Julian
    Picked up this movie the other day and wow what can one say. It made me so hard and made me cum so much. It turned me onto TIM releases and I'm so thankful that it did
  • Author: zoopark
    As always, this is a hot and spermy porn. But please change more often the actors. New fresh, hairy flesh is highly appreciated.
  • Author: Stéphane
  • Author: alejandro
    I want to be the guy who gets fucked.

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