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In PARK & RIDE, director Max Sohl combines everything you love about classic porn with Treasure Island Media's "no holds barred" brand of raw fucking and sucking, bringing it all together in his own singular style.

Fucking at rest stops, in the back of pickup trucks, in dungeons, in the woods, by a swimming pool—not to mention the grand finale, filmed in the back of a limousine in the middle of midtown Manhattan's rush hour: don't miss your chance to see your favorite TIM men like you’ve never seen them before.

CAEDON CHASE gets loaded up by superstuds BRAD McGUIRE, CHAD BROCK, EDDIE, COLIN STEELE, and others as he delivers a breakout performance that has us calling him the TIM fuckhole du jour—though he gets some hot competition from CHRISTIAN, ROSS SCOTT, and striking newcomer MIKE MASSEY. Not to mention versatile and handsome LOGAN STEVENS, who goes from topping CAEDON in one scene to getting man-dicked deep by legendary topman ANTONIO BIAGGI in the tour de porn grand finale.


Scene 1
Scene Price: $9.00
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While hitchhiking by the Park & Ride, CAEDON CHASE finds every man's ultimate fantasy coming true when he's picked up by uber sexy BRAD McGUIRE.

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In no time at all, BRAD has CAEDON gutted on the back of his pickup truck, ramming, slamming, and bamming the kid in every conceivable position, and making young CAEDON beg for BRAD's cum before he even knows he wants it.

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Scene 2
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The inevitable showdown between T.I.M.'s resident fuckhole CHRISTIAN and massive alpha top LITO CRUZ has been a long time coming. We wanted it to be perfect and asked the guys if they needed anything. "Just get him lubed up with sperm and ready for me," was LITO's only request. After all the fan mail we received for EDDIE and his beautiful, hole-impaling cock (last seen in UP THE GUT), we knew just who to call on—and Eddie was fuckin' overjoyed to oblige.

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There's something for everyone in this scorching fuckfest, including EDDIE's double breeding and a wild intergenerational dicking when porn's biggest Latino Daddy top shows EDDIE the best way to use a manhole. All the while, LITO never loses sight of making sure CHRISTIAN's fuckchute is slick and dripping wet for his impressive, uncut tool.

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Scene 3
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When CAEDON finds himself alone in the woods, it's not long before he becomes the object of LiGEE’s desire—and massive 10-inch dong. Right at home bent over a tree, CAEDON eagerly takes every thrust of that fat cock deep in his needy hole, ultimately filling him with goo and leaving him thoroughly spent.

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Before he can catch his breath, though, CAEDON realizes EDDIE has been watching the encounter, and isn’t going to let the boy walk away before impaling that sweet hole on his pretty dick.

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Scene 4
Scene Price: $9.00
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Newcomer MIKE MASSEY makes his porn debut with Treasure Island Media as the pig roasted between the infamous BRAD McGUIRE and impressive 6’ 4” hunk COLIN STEELE. This one was filmed at perhaps one of the most stunning outdoor pool locations ever seen in a TIM video (though, really, who the fuck cares about the scenery when you have these men getting down and dirty in front of it?).

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MIKE told us his fantasy was to get bred by BRAD. Just for fun, we threw COLIN into the mix, and it quickly becomes obvious that the new bottom is almost overwhelmed by the non-stop assault of cocks in his mouth and hole. Not that it stops him from begging for their loads, which you know is exactly what he's gonna get. That’ll do pig. That’ll do.

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Scene 5
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This one starts off like your run-of-the-mill threeway, with LITO CRUZ and CHAD BROCK getting their fuck-high on as they take turns using all of ROSS SCOTT's orifices (in his TIM debut). But this is Treasure Island Media, and nothing is ever "run-of-the-mill" with us.

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With CHAD's cock balls-deep in ROSS, LITO suddenly decides he doesn't want to wait his turn and unceremoniously slams his dick into CHAD's ass while his fellow topman is still fucking ROSS. Everybody wins.

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Scene 6
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When it's his turn with CAEDON CHASE, bull stud COLIN STEELE takes the li'l fuckslut to the lower depths of the boiler room and demands the boy submit to his cock.

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COLIN eats his ass, makes the kid suck his cock, and then throws him down for a great balls-to-the-floor pump and dump.

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Scene 7
Scene Price: $9.00
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CAEDON had barely caught his breath before we threw him to a horny sexpack of men who wanted to make sure he didn’t forget he had signed on to be fucked until cum was leaking out his eyeballs.

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COLIN BLACK, CHAD BROCK, CHAMP ROBINSON, and LOGAN STEVENS go at the fuckhole relentlessly, taking turns ramming him up and down on a couch, in every which way imaginable. The boy’s hole has so much cum in it already that, almost immediately, white stuff drips out his butt.

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By the end of the bang, all the men are well spent, their sperm seeded deep in CAEDON's used and exploited hole. As for this cumpuppy, the look on his face at the end tells you he couldn't be happier.

Scene 8
Scene Price: $9.00
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You might think you know all there is to know about ANTONIO BIAGGI. But trust us when we say you don’t know a thing until you've seen him in this scene. For a start, the instantaneous chemistry between him and LOGAN STEVENS is palpable.

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Shot in the middle of midtown Manhattan in the back of a limousine, ANTONIO and LOGAN go at it in broad daylight during rush hour. Giving new meaning to the term "park & ride," ANTONIO ruthlessly pounds LOGAN in the back seat, both of them so deep into it they don’t give a fuck who sees them.

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One of the hottest and wildest scenes Max Sohl has ever given us, this one is sure to leave you breathless.

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The Bonus Scene includes a Cumshot Compilation and a special treat: Part 2 of the Boiler Room scene between CAEDON and COLIN.

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After blowing his jizz, COLIN wanted to get all that sperm as far up CAEDON's gut as possible—and decided his oversized fist was the only way to do it. Don't miss CAEDON's heroic effort as he does his best to get the entire thing inside his tiny cavity.


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  • Author: navyrob69
    I 'd take Antonio Biaggi's cock any and every day of the week..... He is one the best power tops out there.. For X-mas I want a Biaggi Super Fuck!!!
  • Author: Jerome Aznar
    well done with this new release with bears boys and new pigs ! great !
  • Author: octavian felix
    super hot!!
  • Author: tommy
    love eddieeee.....mmmmm
  • Author: Steve
    mike massey is the hottest.. He needs a couple hot men to take good care of his hairy body and ass..
  • Author: KenBJs
    Antonio Biaggi breeding Logan Stevens -- hot!
  • Author: Scott
    Fucking HOT! Mike Massey getting raw dicked is perfect. And Colin Steele is super hot as always!
  • Author: David
    So much want to be in the limo with ANTONIO!!!
  • Author: jprobe
    You need to get Lito and Antonio in a scene together with some hot bottom like Christian
  • Author: Mac
    I too would love Jessie O'Toole in the mix but it is a hot film obviously... would enjoy taking them all on myself with my deep throat...mmmm
  • Author: ton
    hot!would love to watch logan stevens being a bottom into a raw gangbang or jackson taylor..so hotttt
  • Author: niles
    I would buy it for Logan Stevens bottoming. There's no one hotter.
  • Author: ben
    mike massey needs to get gangbanged. please make this happen! thanks!
  • Author: Rod
    Love the big cocks and outdoor sex. give me juicy smooth yummy holes of cum
  • Author: mhm
    mike massey needs the gang bang ben recommends. He needs his own dvd
  • Author: GetsUGaping
    Congratulations on a truly stunning DVD. Love the variety of scenesTotally loved the Caedon fisting scene. I think you guys should consider an entire movie devoted to poppers fetish. Whenever I see one of your models use them, I get SO turned on. I rarely engage in poppers in my own life, but for some reason seeing your men use them is such a fuckin turn-on. I bet you there are more people out there than just me that think so. Again, congratulations, men. Fantastic stuff.
  • Author: nastyman
    Love your videos but want more hairy raunchy black men receiving and giving dick
  • Author: Cameron
    This is possibly one of the hottest breeding videos to date! Newcomer Eddie is so fucking hot; he's my new Kurt Wood (even though I will always love Kurt)! But as a tip, more guys like Eddie and Caedon would be GREAT. Hope to see more from Eddie and Caedon soon!
  • Author: Steven
    i love seeing a hot hairy bearded man being used and abused so i agree with the notion that mike massey needs his ass gang fucked. his porn debut was kind of tame, you guys need to give him a proper TIM gangbang initiation. just thinking about it is getting me horny, a group of guys stuffing his mouth full of dick and a big cock pounding his hairy hole! BTW excellent video. i would love to see more logan, caedon, and of course mike in future vids.
  • Author: hornybitch
    Where is Ethan Wolfe? I would LOVE to see his ass get gang banged and internally cum dumped! Do it please!
  • Author: Fan
    Logan is the hottest man on earth.
    When is his gangbang?
  • Author: NastyPig
    I love your videos. Very new to TIM.
    I love the hairy asses, keep them cummming. If you are someone who is thinking about buying, but not sure let me be your deciding vote. All very worth the money. What you see is what you get.
  • Author: Hornyseattlepig
    Love it! More fisting!
  • Author: Mike
    Yes, keep these DVD's cummming. I am not sick of seeing Brad McGuire. In fact I would love to get on my knees and suck them all, starting with Brad's uncut cock first and push the skin back and forth and stick my tongue between the fore skin and deep throat, and since I learned how to swallow from watching these movies, I would relish the idea of a mouth full of cum and perhaps a facial. I would like to see more black dudes getting sucked off.
  • Author: Tony
    Great dvd and love mike hairy ass mmmm every body was great
  • Author: Freddie
    I was looking forward to seeing Jerry Stearns topping again in a new video. Hope he is featured in a new video soon.
  • Author: fuckme
    very hot! wow
  • Author: paulo
    love is it
  • Author: uc8nyc
    Lito and Antonio leaving a young boy totally destroyed!
  • Author: orgasmguy
    I agree with Longtimefan above...It would be great to see Kevin Slater again and more often...The Jerek gangbang scene in Plantin' seed 2 with Kevin jack rabbit fuckin...Soaked in dripping sweat til he ejaculates all over Jerek's back and hole...still one of the hottest...Also love watching Dan Fisk fuck...his orgasms are legendary!!!
  • Author: Sergey
    Please more muscled hairy bottoms with breads..
  • Author: Loveitraw
    Looks like a hot video, you can't go wrong with Antonio B, Brad M. I have to admit am alittle bored with Christian he is the same in every video unlike Dawson who brought some much to every scene he did.
  • Author: JG
    hairy asses. NOTHING hotter. NOTHING.
  • Author: Eric
    Would like to see younger ones with their big dicks fucking the daddies with not so big dicks. Would like to see abusing them!
    Also would like to see watersports: drinking from the tap, hosing them down and pissing in, not into, but IN asses !!!
  • Author: john
    lets see christian topping for a change
  • Author: roy rogerson
    im wanting to get riden like that many times over?? lets hope all the cum will be in me soon x
  • Author: Tom
    FUCKING YA!!!!!!!!!!! ;-P I LOVE THE BUNCH OF GUYS!!!!!!!!! WELL DONE!!
  • Author: JackOff
    Hot film. Def agree that guys being versatile giving and receiving would make vids even hotter. Would love to see tops breeding and then having the bottoms take their revenge on their asses.
  • Author: rexy
    Can you put together Logan Stevens and Chad Brock in a scene so they can fuck each other? THAT would be a very hot scene. LOVE it when big dick topmen turn over and take it up their muscular asses. TOTAL turn on! You can add Lito Cruz in that scene for a hot 3 way as well, he'd fit nicely I bet!! Yes, Lito is one of the hottest you've found ever since BONE DEEP, he's bulked up and taken center stage! Very sexy stud!!
  • Author: john
    how about a bareback with logan stevens and christian cumming up logan that would be hot
  • Author: Marco
    eu adoro td os filmes da treasure Island.
    os meus actores favoritos são o António biaggi, lito cruz como activos
    como versáteis indiscotivelmente christian, colin, cadeon e marcos ferro
    eu adoro António baggi tenho que é dele
    sou top, mas adorava que ele me fodesse td
  • Author: Sam
    Hi, guys!

    When will Mike Massey appear in T.I.M. movie again? He's awesome!
  • Author: nicklav68
    Damn! The gang bang scene is awesome. The way he gave in and just took all those huge juicy cocks is exciting and makes me want to do the same thing ;)
  • Author: Drew Irvin
    I would like to shoot with your team.

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