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I've always loved the sexual passion and freedom among man-fuckers in Mexico. And for years I've looked forward to producing a movie that featured nothing but Mexican dudes fucking and getting fucked. Working closely with the awesome guys at Mecos (slang for CUM), we put together what I believe is a fuckin' scorcher of a video. If you guys enjoy it (and I've got a strong feeling you will), this will just be the first of a long series featuring Mexico's hottest, wildest butt-fuckers and cum-addicts.

--Paul Morris

Scene 1
Dos Cargas para El Chivo (Two Loads for El Chivo)
Scene Price: $9.00

EL CHIVO is a hungry Latin whore bottom who wants to play with TEZCA’s big Mexican boner, sucking it, slurping it, worshipping it, and finally sliding down hard on it. Top-hombre TEZCA knows how to pound a lil' puto ass, driving his cock in deep.

Then ‘SEWER BOY’ joins the two fuckers. This lean little stud is known in Mexico City as a door-to-door handyman who sells his stud service for $10. Just bend over and SEWER BOY starts to fuck, a trashy no-nonsense hole-fucker. SEWER BOY bones EL CHIVO hard and squirts his jizz into his gaping hole. Then TEZCA uses SEWER BOY’s sperm as lube, fucking until his own jizz mixes with SEWER BOY’s in EL CHIVO's guts.

Scene 2
Golpeando el Hoyo de Jackson (Pounding Jackson's Hole)
Scene Price: $9.00

"JACKSON" is a nice middle-class University student in Mexico City and wanted to try bareback sex with two wild hombres. We made sure he knew what he was getting into, and then we gave him JOHANN and SEWER BOY, both rough men-of-the-street. The two tops take turns tapping handsome JACKSON’s juicy culo and the results are awesome.

SEWER BOY is pretty much a human fuck-machine. He doesn't start easy or slow, he just pumps his dick deep into whatever hole presents itself. He pumps JACKSON’s ass hard while JACKSON sucks JOHANN’s dick. The two tops keep rotating spit-roasted JACKSON till they're ready to spew. SEWER BOY shoots first, and this pushes JOHANN over the edge and a second load gets added to the mess of sperm in JACKSON’s fine little ass.

Scene 3
Marco Doble Relleno (Marco Double Stuffed)
Scene Price: $9.00

The energy was perfect for this three-way fuck. The tops--LORENZO and ARMANDO--couldn’t wait to stuff their cocks up MARCO’s fuckhole. At first they take turns, but then they fuck MARCO at the same time. MARCO was shocked that he was able to take both dicks at once. The energy was so hot that even the camera man pulled out his own cock and shot a load onto MARCO’s hole just before LORENZO and ARMANDO unload.

Scene 4
Brandon y Pedro (Brandon & Pedro)
Scene Price: $9.00

When BRANDON saw PEDRO T’s monster dick, he happily and helplessly devoted a lot of time to sucking and worshiping the big thing. Among Mexico City sex pigs, PEDRO T is called “The Bull-man”--and for good reason!

PEDRO T couldn’t wait to bury his monstrous cock balls-deep inside BRANDON’s ass. And as soon as that huge thing starts slamming inside him, BRANDON knows he’s never going to walk the same again. If you've ever been soul-pummelled by a huge cock, you'll recognize the bottom's many varied expressions: pain, pleasure, bliss, shock. The bullman drills the squealing bottom hard and deep, taking ownership of BRANDON ’s muscled ass.

Scene 5
Trio Lleno de Mecos Riguroso (Cumsloppy Threeway)
Scene Price: $9.00

ALDO is a cum whore. In fact, he arrived at the studio after being in a sex club, his ass already full of cum. For months ALDO had been telling us he wanted the famous SEWER BOY’s dick in his ass. We were happy to oblige! (Aldo even paid Sewer Boy's $10 fuck-fee.) And because we knew that ALDO always wants more cock and more sperm, we also brought in local top ESTEBAN to give ALDO’s ass a serious hammering.

Scene 6
Abra el Hoyo (Open That Hole)
Scene Price: $9.00

After getting his first experience at being a bareback cumwhore, "JACKSON" couldn't wait to give his ass up to random strangers again.

And we were happy to make it happen! In fact, JACKSON was so hot for raw cock that he started sliding his smooth ass down on GIAN CARLO's dick before they were even undressed.

Once they got into bed, GIAN CARLO treats JACKSON like the whore he's become. They're joined by a second stud, handsome AARON, who warms up in JACKSON’s throat. Then AARON and GIAN CARLO take turns rough-fucking JACKSON’s hungry ass and end up dumping their loads in him.

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  • Author: MM
    TIM captures it here in a form that is as real as it gets. All of these guys truly LOVE cock and all of the spermutations of what a group of sex-crazed, hard-on wielding, ready to suck n fuck boys can do together. If you're bitching about the attractiveness of the cast, you're missing the whole point. An imaginative triumph for TIM. Salud! Can't wait to shoot load after hot load to this naughty cocklover's dream cum true.
  • Author: mosiuer_bang
    I can see why Sewer Boy is a hit. man, what a hot fucker. More Armando and Lorenzo please.
  • Author: kretzschmar
    the best sex is all man to man sex hell yes
  • Author: Handytramp
    This is the sexiest movie I have seen in decades. More please...
  • Author: Dan
    More information
  • Author: akis
    excellent sex. I keep jerking several times every day. I love the dp, specially eith both studs behind the btm.Please mr. Morris, more!!
  • Author: Fred
    Definitivamente, Pedro debe ser mi macho Wow!
  • Author: CharlesP
    Love the youth, the heavy loads and the big cocks. And also because its all just about fuck, without scenarios or irrelevant dialogs.
  • Author: MR
  • Author: john
    how sex should be like!
  • Author: Fred
    I need the dick of pedro mmmmmh
  • Author: sakuto card captor
    i like it, but what about the rest of latin american¿
  • Author: barry
    first i have all paul morris dvd's second just got mecos (cum) LOVED IT ! it was freash and new with new models , being latin helped a lots. it was as if they were just picked off the street. and that scend 6 took it home. as if they left the bar and just wanted to get there freak on after being turn down by there girlfriends. PLEASE MAKE MORE OF THE SAME. can you say mecos part 2.
  • Author: miguel
    creo que debería de haber mas dialogo entre los actores antes de la escena ,durante y al final palabras mas caliente y exitantes pero que sean real nada de libreto , del resto muy buena producción esta impecable. exitos
  • Author: Tom
    One of THE BEST films Treasure Island has produced to date! more, More, MORE Mecos please!!
  • Author: enma8767
    muy buena las ecenas excepto la 1 y la 5 . las demas son de lo mejor me sorprendio una latina asi . jackson es uno de los mejores pasivos que vi.deverian darle mas vagos todos pijudos y q lo preñen por el culo y la boca . los act muy buenos bien machos como debe ser.felicitaciones
  • Author: Paul JC, Los Angeles, CA
    cyberdogg: BiLatinoMen (BLM) is gay porn. TIM is REAL SEX. Its NOT about looks, its about the SEX. Duh. Have fun with your packaged and fake sex at BLM. TIM is for real men who love sex with real men.
  • Author: roger 18cm
    Chavo de 22 años mexico
  • Author: antonio
  • Author: Seaguy
    I want to see more of Jackson, what a hot barebacker.
  • Author: VDEGDL
  • Author: Sxy1
    Hawt!!! I luvvvvv it! I want sum too!
  • Author: alex
    extrem goil hammer:-)
  • Author: bjeon
    i wasn't really expecting much from this but there was some REALLY good scenes. especially number 5 my god

    i wanna see more of aldo and tezca!!
  • Author: uriel mistral
    la quiero ya como la puedo comprar
  • Author: SoMDBoi
    Awesome! Very HOT! Wish I was on the receiving end of those hot Mexican Cocks... ===> )*(
  • Author: kw
    ordering now!
  • Author: piko
    Holy shit!!! This just made my day!
  • Author: ccksckrsf2
    Love latin cum. Would swallow all of the loads these gguys would let me slurp down... :-)
  • Author: Ron
    If you love big Mexican brown booty like I do this is your movie.
  • Author: DANBOY66
    LUV IT placing my Order for it right now Guys.
  • Author: luis
    q rici que buenas vergas y culos
  • Author: Marduk
    I Praxis it is Not a Ceiba Speciosa that i see in the background outside.
  • Author: sincornicitysuk
    great film mecos. ya treasureisland if you can get those hot chaps from bilatinmen to have real sex. bilatinmen has got some flippin hot blokes. with beautiful pitos. and juicey huevos. lol
  • Author: roge
    super me encato
  • Author: Damian
    Buenísima! Se ve de a huevos, quiero tenerla.
  • Author: Fred
    Great Movie!! MMMH Like me, nice!
    Hermosos mexicanos.
  • Author: Rival69
    Ya tengo varias en mi videoteca, pero ésta la tengo que tener.
  • Author: lex
    esta chida
  • Author: Edge
    A huevo! Mecos Films X TIM
  • Author: JON WYATT
    Fill my fuckhole with loads and load of hot latino cum !
  • Author: hornyfucker
    hot hot hot! more Marco plz!! and scene 6 is fucking awesome
  • Author: marcum
    Szene 5 und 6 Top. Die goilsten, härtesten, Fickszenen, die es je bei TIM gab.
    Scene 5 and 6 Best. The goilsten, hardest fuck scenes that ever existed in TIM
  • Author: Lobo
    De huevos el trailer, conozco a Yohan y es buen pedo, puro mexicano machin y sin etiquetas ni complejos, gracias Morris, esperamos mas trabajos tuyos de este lado del pais.
  • Author: Fd
    La 2 y 6 está de pelos, quiero ver más de Jackson
  • Author: Billy
    Great job pairing with Mecos, I've been watching them for years. Good to see you have breathed new life into them TIM. They have also helped you get some very willing Latino studs willing to just fuck. Its the wave of the future!
  • Author: Allen
    i like sewer boy very much
  • Author: chaz
    Best movie I own and have hundreds. These fine
    Latin boys are the hottest. Can't believe one film could have so much hotness and great sex. So glad to have so much of everything. Clean cut and rough guys, hairy and smooth, cum swapping, gentle and rough, rimming and ass eating! This is the best! Please make another Latin boy film!!!
  • Author: Summerhaze
    The point is capturing for the record guys who LOVE uninhibited barebacking!
  • Author: BlogZilla
    I was floored when I saw this movie. Seriously. This is one of the most incredible uninhibited fuck flicks I've ever seen, and one of TIM's best by far.

    There's no condoms to spoil it, there are cream pies galore, and almost everyone in it is like a stallion and rock hard from start to finish without cock rings or any other crutch spoilers, and the chemistry explodes off the screen so much, you almost feel like all these guys are friends in real life or grew up together

    Unlike most porn flicks, they certainly don't seem like they are acting. They really are sex pigs.

    The only thing I would have done differently is have the camera man get more into the action instead of just cream pieing that ass crack. From what I could see, the camera man was quite sexy too.
  • Author: 了了
  • Author: Mick4reg@
    I Love this Video,,
    I have played it so much that I Might need to replace it damn soon,
    Please tell me you are going to do a Part 2
  • Author: Dan
    My god, this must be one of the best TIM DVDs ever. It's just super-nova hot! The men are not only gorgeous, they are sensual, insatiable, and fully engaged in their sex scenes...and they stay rock hard! These qualities are often sadly lacking in some TIM productions in the last several years, except for outstanding titles that Liam Cole has produced lately. Everything clicked: the camera work, the editing that let the scenes unfold at their own pace letting the viewers enjoy them without feeling short-changed, the sexual abandon exhibited by the actors, and the actors themselves Jackson is so hot, he makes me want to fuck him and I'm a total bottom. Fuck, all the bottoms are exceptional, Marco (angelically beautiful and incredibly whorish), Aldo, Brandon, etc, you would be hard pressed to find bottoms likes these guys north of the border. The tops like Sewer Boy are perfect as well: goodlooking, well hung, and best of all, horny and able to maintain their hard-on throughout, which is so crucial in a porn movie. TIM, please produce more of these Mecos DVDS. They're like a breath of fresh air and add a new dimension to the house brand. Can't wait for the next one!
  • Author: GUSTAVO ROX
  • Author: Ruben
    I can't decide whether to buy it or not. It certainly looks hot and sleazy but I do love to see "no pull out" cocks at the same time seeing the tops pulsing cock and ass while injecting jizz inside. I love your videos for so many years...later on will decide to buy.
  • Author: edgar alan
    muy buena la pelicula. Buenas tomas. Lo unico que yo pediria es que no pareciera que estan actuando. Que fuera de dialogos mas cachondos como cuando cojes entree amigos, frases sucias pero bien calientes. Porque practicamente estan mudos. Nomas el pasivo es el que gime, pero nada de palabras.
  • Author: jimin Houston
    Love to eat up every load these guys shoot..thick and creamy..young cum is the best tasting. Feed me
  • Author: Rich
    I purchased this in November and it has become my all-time favorite "go-to" porn for whenever I need a fix of hot sleazy sex. I LOVE THIS FILM! PLEASE PLEASE MAKE A SEQUEL or at least film new scenes with even one of these guys.
  • Author: sasi
    where can i see another movies from marco? pls help me
  • Author: sasi
    I want to see more of marco silva
  • Author: David at TIM
    We're working with MECOS on movie #2 - and it's going to be a great one. We're aiming for releasing it at the end of 2014.
  • Author: john h
    this video is a top video keep then coming and very good quality
  • Author: carlos
    hola a todos quisiera que porfavor se comunicaran conmigo ya que es mi deseo formar parte de una pelicula porno mi mail es radamantisaicos@hotmail.com
  • Author: JAMES
    You definately need to make more with Tezca- give him 2 bottoms to fuck at the same time!
  • Author: Gabrizzio
    Quiero ser parte de un video!!
    Si es trío o más, mejor... :P
    I'm a bottom!!

  • Author: Jonny
    Loved it all! Awesome
  • Author: david
    Que buena pelo yo quisiera estar en una yo en df quitó dar unas buenas mamadas hasta que se vengan en mi boca 5536450258
  • Author: Beau Mirren
    Fuck that's real sick what a way to get fucked. Hispanic men are awesome and most definitely the hottest and the cocks . . . the cocks are so huge 8 1/2ish is great! I wouldn't want something bigger than that up my cornjulio. Sexy boys! yum Click on that shite and see what happens --you are coming in nil time.
  • Author: Jasper
    These are hot guys that engage in hot passionate sex. it's obvious that they're enjoying it and not hostile toward one another in scene. I like the camerawork it's hot that the close ups make you feel like you're there and the cameramen and editor make them look their best.
  • Author: EL ACTIVO
    HOla.. .
    quiero hacer una pelicula con ustedes como los contacto ??
  • Author: lex
    more mexican!
  • Author: Blackmick
    I FLATLY!! refuse to believe this is a man-made movie. Earth simply cannot have a place where so many UNBELIEVABLY BEAUTIFUL GODLIKE fuckers can all exist together. I'll NEVER watch a TIM movie EVER AGAIN if there isn't a Mecos 2 ... and 3 ... These Heavenly guys make me fucking damn proud to be a loads-taking faggot!! So perfectly lovely they make me want to bawl!!
  • Author: tibu
    ame todas las escenas, especialmente tezca y sewer boy por esa cara de malos...
  • Author: hosward
    como se hace para hacer el casting soy venezolano
  • Author: gordon
    This is one of the hottest films I have. I had never heard of Mecos Films, but I'm really glad I have this. These Mexican cocks and boy-cunts are the best. I just wish there was some real felching going on - it's a shame to waste all that delicious mecos. Waiting for Mecos 2!
  • Author: RASHID
  • Author: stevie
    Ah, what I wouldn't do to have TEZCA inside of me. He's by far the best and my favorite What a bad as mother fucker
  • Author: jesus
    quiero hacer casting soy pasivo
  • Author: barry
    Love this movie, HOW ABOUT MORE OF THE SAME PLEASE..?
  • Author: yuth
    Hi mr. Tim when do mecos film 2 will be realse I'm just waiting for the second round.
  • Author: marco
    queiro hacer video porno gay
  • Author: barry
    Please put these guys back in front of the camara again. That jackson keeps my cock hard. Got to go now and beat off thinking about jackson.
  • Author: GANG-BANG
    Quiero hacer un video de gang bang,... quién se anima????

  • Author: eduardo
    me gustaría hacer la versión latina de slammed
  • Author: DT
    does anyone know who this black stud in the last scene is?
    He is the hottest porn star I've ever seen...any his other works?
  • Author: Carlo
    Ola soy colombiano y quiero entrar al mundo del la porno , no se como enpesar revisan mi Twitter @solo_456 soy muy joven y sirvo para ser un boys porn
  • Author: Manuel
    Solo LORENZO esta guapo y es muy sexi, pero los demás son un asco no se como seleccionan a los chavos mexicanos pues sin duda hay muchos mejores que ellos. Esto solo da mala fama del mexicano, se supone que se eligen a los mas guapo, dotados y de buen cuerpo y estos no tienen nada de eso.
  • Author: south_mpls_for_hung_studs_only
    big uncut dicks fuckin jizz up used holes ... real men in action...

  • Author: paanchoo
  • Author: Cisko
    Quisiera grabar una escena con Lorenzo, papasito, saludos desde Venezuela.
  • Author: Angelito
    Me encantaria hacer una pelicula con ustedes, yo pasivo de buen ver y entron
  • Author: jose gusman
    hola soy jose gusman tengo 15 años quiero ser actor porno gay vivo en colombia ciudad de barranquilla y me puedem contactar a en mi facebook gente linda de intesa
  • Author: michelle
  • Author: Pepe medina
    conozco a Aldo, es de guanajuato, y tiene un doctorado en quimica, y tambien le hace al porno, a eso le llamo seguir tus instintos del placer. bien por el. saludos

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